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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by amoeba

I have been playing  Armageddon mud for about six months, I have however been playing mud's on and off for close to ten years.  I will say that within all that time I have found Armageddon mud to be a very distinct and enjoyable experience.  I also want to note that not everyone will find this the case.

I would like to clear up a few misstatements from a prior review.  There is occasional lag, only once or twice within the six months that I have been playing it have I found it to be a serious problem.  It has not diluted my experience there. There is not a 24 hour waiting period for a new character, rather it is -up to- 24 hours to get a character approved.  Usually it is within few hours.  I have personally seen it happen within 10 minutes.  It's not that the NPC guards are buggy, rather there is a heated discussion about how they should operate, that is quite a different thing.  And lastly it does not take a whole day to reboot the mud.  The mud reboots as fast as any other mud.  Rather the game is taken off-line for 10 hours on Saturday.  This is a scheduled and long standing tradition that the game's administrative staff have taken for a number of reasons.  To infer that this is what it takes to change/fix/add something is missing the intent of the scheduled downtime.

One of the things I think a potential player needs to be aware of, is what Armageddon mud is not:

If you like to play a slash and hack style mud, that is, if you like to kill as many things as possible in the shortest possible time, you will not like this mud.

If you like running the numbers and seeing where you are compared to others playing the game you will not like this mud.

If you like extensive global communication channels, where most anything can and is discussed, you may not like this mud.

If you desire knowing what comes up next, what uber spells and items are available, or if having almost everything kept a secret, so that the only way to find out is in the game and in context, bothers you, you will not like this mud.

If you really want to play exotic characters and races, and want to right off the bat become a powerful magic user or cleric you may not like this game.

If you want coded quests you will find none.

If you feel that you should -not- have to read documentation in order to play, you may not like this game.

If you want very quick turnaround on staff interaction you will most likely be disappointed.

What the game does offer

A very immersisve role play environment, where what happens to you is for the most part entirely in your own hands.  There is a strong social (or anti-social if you are so inclined) aspect to this game.  Unlike most muds it is the PC (player character) to PC interactions that define it, rather than PC to NPC (non player character).  It is the PC's that cheat, steal, love and hate,  bond,  betray,  plot and scheme.  The world is large, mysterious, and very, very dangerous.  Dying comes easy, and comes at a high price.  Once your character is dead, he/she is dead, and you have to start all over with a new one.  This world has a lot of depth and possibilities.  To quote Delirium from the site's forum:

“The thing about Armageddon is that it has something for everyone - the explorers, the socialites, the sneaky bastards, the aggressive combat fans, and even the mudsexx0rz - and quality RP while doing any of the above.”

How to get off to a better start:

First and foremost, be sure that this is the type of game you want to play.  There are a number of fine muds out there for folks that want a different experience from what Armageddon offers.

Read the documentation before making your first character. A good understanding of what your character's potential strengths and weaknesses potentially are, will help you design a character best suited to your playing desires.

Expect to die.  Your character will die.  It takes time to get used to the intricacies of the game. Some classes of characters are much more prone to die than others. Once again a good reading of the documentation will prepare you for this.

Be patient.  The game has a long learning curve.  It took me well into my second character to really get a feel for the potential of the game.  That's not to say I didn't enjoy the game from the start, I did, but the -real- game started for me much later on.  For me this took me a couple of real life months.

Ask for help when you need it.  The website has a large listing of helpers.  Help is available if you ask for it.

In short I have found Armageddon to be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.