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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Richard

    Well the day has come to avatar.  Legend should be coming in since Snikt has not decided that triggers are illegal.  Well hopefully legend will be coming in and lord will not be so boring after it.  Hmm cant remember which ubercon Sages and Legends were to be starting up.  1 or 2 years ago i dont really care hate lord anyways runs too long for too little.  Just want to warn people that triggers are illegal and you will be punished so just be careful to remember any input you do not type in will be grounds to make you going into reality.
    Play or dont play just dont be "users".  It is fun if the imms dont know who you are but if you yell complain or bicker usually means you are in the wrong.  This isnt always the case I read a review by one imm that was somehow glad that some complaints were expressed.  I just dont really want to have to play another game and start up all over again.
   There are some interesting things in the reviews for avatar and all are true.  Legends and Titans are not really in there so pretty much fraud or whatever right there but maybe once i become a grandfather it will happen.
   Thanks for your time reading this mud.  Yes this is Snikts mud and he can decide if he want people on or off it and hopefully they will not be totally mad by this review.