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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Aeneas

Hello everybody :) this is the first time i am submitting a review for avatar,or any mud in particular really,avatar was the first mud i ever tried out,and i'm glad i did it,i found friendly people (most of them),there are a couple of people i dislike,but they are a minority,the imm abuse comment (oh so frequently uttered) is kind of over rated,true there are imms (is an imm) who i dislike,partly because they are not to be negotiated with and so on,but thats just an opinion (correct me if i'm wrong,send me a mail if you want to discuss this). Anyway,i liked playing here so far,i'm taking a slight break and experiencing a different mud for the moment (don't worry i'll be back soon to lord aeneas ;)), i think its a quite original mud,fun areas,maybe lvl'ing sometimes is a bit too hard for some class/race-s, i don't have any problems with it really. Oh,and to "Sick of the 'community'", man, talk about blowing things out of proportion, i hope you find whatever it is your looking for but bashing on other players (whom i know are very nice and helpfull people,e.g. mring) Only a coward would fear to give his name in peace. Thanks for reading this,i would appreciate comments on my e-mail ( thank you,keep up the good work angels/imm's and not to be forgotten kind and helpfull players :)