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Reviews Section
AvP: Legend by Human

Kenjar here, promoting another shiny little mud.

AvP: Legends is an original pure PK mud set in the universe of the Alien and Predator games/movies, featuring three completely unique races (Alien, Predator, Marine), and seven fully fuctional battle areas that cycle every half an hour to forty minutes.

The combat system is unlike anything in any other PK mud. Battle is fast paced, and the arenas are small, so you'll need to be constantly moving and fighting. If you stop for one second, you're toast. Every weapon has it's own firing delay, represented by the AP gauge in your syntax bar. A basic Pulse Rifle has a 4-bar gauge, meaning that after firing you must wait 4 rounds before it becomes available again. Perhaps you'd upgrade your pulse rifle with an extended stock to lower the AP to three, but watch out; an alien only has to wait two rounds to tear into you again with teeth and claws. Use the 'snipe' and 'spray' commands to attack enemies up to 6 rooms away, or 'arm' and 'lob' a grenade at them. If throwing isn't your thing, 'fire' a grenade launcher to launch an explosive that will detonate on impact.

Movement also takes into account the frantic battles. Marines and Predators have a Movement gauge of 3, meaning they can only move 3 rooms before they need to wait a second or two to regain a bit of their bar. Aliens need to rest as well, but can run up to 4 rooms before stopping, and also have the ability to 'leap' and 'lunge' across distances, making them especially difficult targets.

Skills, equipment, and levels are all gained though spending experience. Experience is received for killing another player, or one of the mobs inhabiting each arena (Just make sure the mob isn't on your side). The maximum level is twenty, and skills are very cheap to raise, so you won't be at the bottom of the pack very long. Aliens don't even need to purchase equipment, preferring nothing more than their tough hides and razor-sharp claws to combat their opponents.

A more in-depth look at the races-

Predators: Predators are tanks. With twice as many hit points as either other race, the ability to cloak, and a wide assortment of Spears, Harpoons, and Energy weapons, Predators can cut a swath of destruction though multiple foes. Their skills allow them to dodge just about any incoming attack, including explosions, and deliver multiple attacks with one AP gauge. They can see in the dark, track opponents, and use Vision modes to spot any enemy. Even if you manage to fend off a Predator's primary weapon you will still have to contend with their Shoulder Cannons, deadly weapons that stun and require no AP to fire. The best way to down a Predator is with teamwork, especially as an alien. Although one of your teammates will likely die using up the Predator's dodging and attacking abilities, a good pair of aliens or marines can overwhelm a Predator. Good thing the Preds themselves don't like working in groups. Their predictability can also work against them, as many Predators fall into a simple pattern of slaughter, easy prey for an unexpected trap or ambush.

Aliens: The Alien is the exact opposite of a Predator. With their feeble build, complete lack of armor, and no ranged attack of any kind, most skilled Marines and Predators can simply swat aliens away like flies and get back to fighting eachother. A skilled player can use an alien's extreme mobility, ability to sneak though vents, and the fastest single attack in the game (2 AP), to confuse, ambush, attack, and generally mess the **** out of anyone. A Pred can't unleash his strength on what isn't there, and a Marine will be left scratching his head even as you strike, dissapear, and pop of a vent seconds later to finish him off. Aliens also have the ability to Hive many rooms in the arenas, allowing the construction of traps, helper drones, and entangling webs that will catch many an unsuspecting foe off guard. Aliens have sharp eyes, allowing them to see though a Predator's cloaking, or a hidden Marine. The alien's weapons are speed, skill, and cunning, and they can be used to great effect.

Marines- The Marines are for those who like a giant assortment of fun little gadgets to play with. Armed to the teeth with pulse rifles, sniper rifles, miniguns, flamethrowers, and grenade launcher, a Marine is a swiss-army knife of destruction. Aided with Motion Trackers, GPS locaters, radios, and the most powerful armor in the game, these walking armouries can be difficult to take down. Although these beasts have the highest scanning range in the game, they will find they often can't find anything to direct their power against. Hidden Aliens are completely undetectable to them, and cloaked Predators are totally invisible except for with an Infrared-equipped scope rifle, the minor aid of a motion tracker, the the glimmer of their cloaking field as they enter the room to claim your head. A Marine must constantly change his equipment, adapting to the situation and knowing what to use. One of their greatest advantages in the the usage of Sentry Turrets. Once purchased and set down, a Sentry Gun automatically unleashes hails of bullets at anything that enters their line of sight, reducing aliens  and predators alike to mush within seconds. A defensive pattern in which each sentry protects another, as well as heavily armed marines standing guard over them, can form an extremely hard to penetrate system.

That's all for now. Hope you come on down and give AvP: Legends a try. If there aren't many of us around, try back later. We sometimes have as few as 2 or as many as 18 players on at once, depending on the time.

AvP: Legends
Port 7000

- Yggdrasil the Predator
- Human the Alien
- Nirvana the Marine