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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Old timer

Hello everyone.

I felt a need to write few positive comments about the mud I have been playing for several years now. Ages of Despair was down for quite some time as it searched for new home and lost many players in the process as they drifted to search new places to play. Now as it has established itself again stably new features and areas are being supplied by an active and what I have noticed pretty large wizard staff.

As some of the earlier reviews stated the mud is pretty newbie friendly and every bit of information needed is found from different help files and player killing being voluntary a new player does not need to fear to become killed by nasty older players who had had a bad day at work :)

There are more than few laws that are governed by wizard staff and which keep the game enjoyable for everyone. Some of the earlier reviews made accusations of high handed punishments, but in my own experience of the mud wizards will intervene to mortals behavior only if there is a good reason to. If you have a mature way of thinking you surely wont have problems to get well along.

Right now most of the player base has been playing the game for some time and the newbie situation is not the best possible, because the amount of time the mud was down. It would be nice to see new faces around. If you search
a fantasy mud with good community spirit Ages of despair should be worth a try.