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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Dunverys

I have come to this place for a couple of years now. And I must say, it always got better.
Although currently the playernumbers are a bit low, not unusual for the season, it sure is great fun to play.
You have a wide selection on races and professions available, some of the races only after what is called reincarnation. The professions further diversify in careers, making it possible to really fine-tune the character you want to play.
Apart from the usual race and profession choice, depending on your align, profession and roleplay, a number of clans are open to you. The different clans are in a constant feud with each other, each trying to become the dominant power in the world, a goal which by definition of course cannot ever be achieved, but to take part in this struggle for power, the fight for your clans supremecy, makes it worthwhile. Of course, if you cannot stand the idea of being constantly hunted because of your clan affiliation, or to loose the one or other item you worked hard for to get in the process, you can choose to stay out of the player killing buisness. The only drawback in that is, that you cannot use the limited items which can be found all over the world.
But this approach surely is a safe one if you are new to the world and are just about to learn its rules.
A first good impression on the mud itself can be gotten from their homepage. Don't miss out the full-coloured maps that they hide in the cities section. It gives the newcomer a good idea where certain towns and areas are located in relation to each other.

Come, join us on Ayeron, the adventure awaits !