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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by flurry

I love Armageddon.   If roleplay is what is important to you, I think there’s a good chance you will too.

I came to Armageddon from a MUD that was roleplay optional, and though I chose to associate with the “roleplayers”, I found the experience often lacking.   In that MUD, the emote system was very limiting, and many of the better roleplayers would fall into the pattern of hack-and-slash and unrealistic actions in the name of getting more powerful.   The taste of roleplay that MUD offered appealed to me, but I knew it was far from ideal as a roleplay environment.

Now as an Armageddon player for two years, I see Armageddon as all I could have hoped for and much more as a roleplay environment.  It is really superb.  

The players truly care about roleplay, and the playerbase has truly fantastic and creative roleplayers.  If you’re worried about measuring up, don’t be intimidated.  As impressive as the players are, I have found the playerbase to be both understanding and helpful with players who are new to Armageddon or new to this kind of roleplay environment.  If quality roleplay is what you are looking for, chances are you will find your niche and be very content with this MUD.  Yes, you will read some lively discussions on the game’s discussion board, but I find these are fueled by genuine love for the game and the roleplay it offers, rather than elitism.  

The setting, a harsh desert environment where players struggle for resources, offers both intrigue and endless challenges.  With an eye for realism, the room descriptions enhance the playing experience beautifully.  Plenty of secrets lurk in dark corners, and those ‘wow’ moments of discovery in the middle of nowhere remain some of my fondest memories in my time playing.

I’ve been very impressed with the staff, and especially the relationship between the staff and players.  In other MUDs, I always had the sense that there was a wall between the players and staff.  In Armageddon, I have found the staff to be much more accessible, and the communication in both directions is a major plus in my opinion.   The staff encourages player input and ideas, and often players write NPCs or items which become part of the game world.   The staff regularly update the players on the latest improvements to the game world or code.  

What I love most of all is the sense that the game puts very few limits on the realm of possibilities.  The emote system, the best I have seen by far, allows you to express your character’s actions just as you imagine them.   The player-driven plots are intricate and engrossing.  The staff is very helpful in helping making player ideas happen, and stripping away limits on player imagination.

I’m very glad I found Armageddon.  If you’re looking for a roleplay MUD, I hope you’ll give it a try.