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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Immoral Staff

From being one of the most popular muds several years ago, this place has turned to almost a baren wasteland.  Less than 50 players on most times of the day.  And at peek hours barely breaks 80 players.  Much of this is probably in turn due to the shift towards the elementary school age kids.  I'll have to say one thing though. It's a great tutorial mud if you've never mudded before and want to get a basic idea of typical mud commands and what not.  

The imp has pretty much lost any drive to do much development on the mud as of late either.  Playes have been fulfilled with empty promises for years now, and it's been in rare form that a postive development change has gone in.  Many are going to say the the development of the new "remort" classes are a positive change.  And in technical terms yes it is, but not worth the price.  To get one of these "fabulous" remort classes on has to sacrafice a character that they've been working on for months.  This advent of new classes is to gear players from putting pressure on the imp to develope the latter tiers that have been promised for almost 3 years now and to just go through the same 1000+ levels to get very very few additional benefits from the remort class.

The coding of this mud is shoddy at best.  Frequent crashes due to improper testing of new code and stuff.  Many typos in areas and rooms to boot as well

If your not on any of the time zones located in the United States, don't expect to find many people on this mud.  For the 50 or some odd players, there's an overwhelming amount of imms.  IT's a big surprise how little gets done with such a large staff.  If you log on, type wizlist and stafflist or help stafflist. And count up the total number of players listed there, then type who and count the number of total people playing.  You'll see what I am talking about.

If your expecting a place where the time and effort you put into your character is respected, don't come here, you'll end up being disappointed.  Skills and spells that have worked just fine for years will be suddenly changed in the intrest of what the immortals call "balance".  You'd have more luck finding balance on a see-saw with a baby on one end and the elephant on the other.

Lowmort tier (the first 50 levels) is probably the most intresting.  After that, things start to get really really repetitive.  After lowmort you'll hit hero where it's 999 levels of complete and utter boredom.  Everyone pretty much getting most of the same skill sets with a few exceptions to certain class defining skills like backstab for rogues and what not.  (exceptions to this are assassin, berzerker, and archers)  Everyone has pretty much the same gear not much to say unique about this place.  Then again with the code stolen from an old mud called Farside years ago, kind of hard to expect much uniqueness here.

To succeed here, you better be prepared to kiss some butt and praise all the changes, otherwise you'll be persecuted as a trouble make and high maintence player where your characters's life span will become drastically short.

Suggestion.  If your looking for a mud to call home, don't do it here, you'll end up regretting it.  IF your looking for a place just to learn basic mudding skills, come here then it's great tutorial mud.

Immoral Staff