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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Immoral Staff


After reading your review, you make many valid points however, reading many of the past reviews of this mud and my experience with many other various muds including avatar, this seems to be the only occurance that i see going through what i would call negative cycles.

I understand that the mudstaff is voluntary and unpaid, but so are most muds, and muds with less staff produce 6x times as much.  If the memebers of the immortal staff are not producing, why are they still immortals if they don't have time for the mud?  Is it cause the members of the staff are mostly the implementors friends (not making an accusation here, just listing a possible cause)

Still all those staff/immortal members you'd still expect to see a lot more happening, a lot more quests, a lot more areas, ect.  
I agree that you are lucky to have staff memebers willing to help the immortal staff.  But do you really need them?!?!.  There's 30+ people on the immortal list, you can't honestly tell me that isn't more then enough staff to run plenty of quests, build areas, ect.  It may be time to restructure and reassign jobs to the current immortal staff, or even possibly get rid of the staff not producing.

If the efforts of the immortal staff is to try and make most of the players happy ( i agree it's impossible to make 100% happy) then why so many horrible reviews, but so few good reviews from people other than staff memebers?

You say there's an extensive amount of areas and helpfiles.  Saying the extensive amount if helpfiles is a feature is false.  It's a necessity for any mud.  So it's not in my opinion a fair point to make here.

As to you pointing out the fantasy classes, these are all well and good, but why so much work needed for them? are they there to give people something else to do cause the mud isn't being developed to accomidate those who enjoy leveling fast and becoming more powerful as to move on to legend and titan.  

I appreciate the time to come back and try to justify some of my earlier accusations.  However I have one last question.   Try justifing these comments and and expect players to be happy with the way things are on Avatar
Quote 1:
(Snikt) I don't give pucky about fair
Quote 2:
(Snikt) in combat
(Snikt) someone goes afk
(Snikt) they lose a tier, and 500 levels
(Snikt) also
(Snikt) they're vaporizing corpse
(Snikt) kills the rest of the party
(Snikt) that is in the room
Quote 3:
(Snikt) die
(Snikt) die
(Snikt) die
(Snikt) die
(Snikt) die
(Snikt) die
(Snikt) die
(Snikt) die
(Snikt) die
(Snikt) die
(Snikt) die
(Snikt) die
(Snikt) or adapt
Quote 4:
(Snikt) I want people stigmatized
(Snikt) otherwise
(Snikt) I want the stuff stopped

Pretty bad attitude to have while running a mud imho?

Anyway thank you again for taking the time to respond to my review

Good Day