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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Riviat

"After reading your review, you make many valid points however, reading many of the past reviews of this mud and my experience with many other various muds including avatar, this seems to be the only occurance that i see going through what i would call negative cycles."

That's funny I've read a number of reviews for other muds here and more than a few have featured negative reviews in a similar vein to those posted about Avatar. Every mud goes through positive and negative cycles.

"I understand that the mudstaff is voluntary and unpaid, but so are most muds, and muds with less staff produce 6x times as much.  If the memebers of the immortal staff are not producing, why are they still immortals if they don't have time for the mud?  Is it cause the members of the staff are mostly the implementors friends (not making an accusation here, just listing a possible cause)"

Maybe those muds with less staff have staff who are currently able to contribute more of their time and don't necessarily have the same commitments on their time as some of us may do. Maybe those muds have a higher percentage of coders and builders? Maybe those muds haven't been running for the length of time that AVATAR has been running?

We spend a lot of time together working on the mud and some of us have even met up in real life so it's hardly surprising that friendships have formed. It takes time to get trusted and loyal people on board, as long as Immortals are still contributing to the MUD then it's seem very unfair to get rid of them because they suddenly have less time available for the MUD than they once did. Indeed, being friends with each other makes working together easier and more enjoyable.

"Still all those staff/immortal members you'd still expect to see a lot more happening, a lot more quests, a lot more areas, ect.  
I agree that you are lucky to have staff memebers willing to help the immortal staff.  But do you really need them?!?!.  There's 30+ people on the immortal list, you can't honestly tell me that isn't more then enough staff to run plenty of quests, build areas, ect.  It may be time to restructure and reassign jobs to the current immortal staff, or even possibly get rid of the staff not producing."

We have less than 30 Immortals, 1 of those listed is sadly deceased but remains there as a mark of respect and recognition of how much he is missed. 7 of the remaining Immortals are relatively new i.e. have been immortals for less than a year and are still learning. It takes time for new Immortals to be trained and to earn sufficient trust as well as gain the requisite skills. knowledge and commands to be able to increase their levels of contribution in aspects of the mud such as building and coding.
Even more experienced Immortals such as my self are having to cope with readjustments to our roles as well as changes in our personal circumstances. A number of us have had job changes, others have become or are soon to become proud parents, others have gotten married. Some have even had to cope with more than one of these life changes in the recent past.

"If the efforts of the immortal staff is to try and make most of the players happy ( i agree it's impossible to make 100% happy) then why so many horrible reviews, but so few good reviews from people other than staff memebers?"

Who knows? Maybe disgruntled players are more vocal, maybe the people who enjoy playing Avatar either aren't aware of the TopMudSites or maybe they are too busy having fun to come post reviews.

"You say there's an extensive amount of areas and helpfiles.  Saying the extensive amount if helpfiles is a feature is false.  It's a necessity for any mud.  So it's not in my opinion a fair point to make here."

Sorry but I disagree, we have received numerous favourable comments about the quantity and quality of our helpfiles so I think it is definitely a valid point. You yourself commented that Avatar is a good tutorial mud, the helpfiles are an implicit part of that. We're proud of the work that has gone into them and continues to go into them.

"As to you pointing out the fantasy classes, these are all well and good, but why so much work needed for them? are they there to give people something else to do cause the mud isn't being developed to accomidate those who enjoy leveling fast and becoming more powerful as to move on to legend and titan."  

I believe that the special classes are meant to be rarer so they are not immediately available. If the remort races and classes give older players something to do whilst waiting for Legend then I think that's great, especially as it is part of the ongoing development of the MUD.

"I appreciate the time to come back and try to justify some of my earlier accusations."

It was my pleasure and the least I could do given you had taken the time to write such an extensive review. Our opinions may differ but I wish you well in your future mudding.

"However I have one last question.   Try justifing these comments and and expect players to be happy with the way things are on Avatar
Quote 1:
(Snikt) I don't give pucky about fair
Quote 2:
(Snikt) in combat
(Snikt) someone goes afk
(Snikt) they lose a tier, and 500 levels
(Snikt) also
(Snikt) they're vaporizing corpse
(Snikt) kills the rest of the party
(Snikt) that is in the room
Quote 3:
(Snikt) die (x12) - snipped to conserve room
(Snikt) or adapt
Quote 4:
(Snikt) I want people stigmatized
(Snikt) otherwise
(Snikt) I want the stuff stopped"

It's very easy to put up quotes for which people who have never played Avatar have no context to measure against or knowledge of the events which prompted these comments.

Given that Snikt continues to pay the vast majority of the money required for us to be able to play Avatar and has done so for nearly 10 years, personally, I'd say there was justification for him getting upset and frustrated because a number of people were automating their playing to a significant extent or were remaining AFK for hours at a time and were then complaining that the game was boring.

Some people may well be put off by these reviews but then again some may be intrigued and wish to see for themselves.