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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Zaffer

So, when I was searching the 'Submit review' button, I came across the description of Avatar...

"TIRED of investing hundreds of hours of play and development in a MUD that wipes the pfiles, changes management, has an uncomfortable social environment, disappears, or has less than 140 actual players on?"

Maybe that should be updated... Just a wee bit. The mud hasn't been rebooted in a few days (as of writing this) and the highest player count since reboot was *drumroll* 111.

Investing hundreds of hours in a character development and getting pwiped? Nah, I've got a dragon rogue with a thousand+ hours, 600+ dragon levels, that's been around for four years, that started missing 20% of his backstabs after a single reboot. Not pwiped... but close enough.

The mud doesn't change management, but there are about a dozen new imms that have been added in recent memory, and the visible effect has been that on a Friday night, there has been one imm online for every 4 hero/lord characters. Also, a few more little quests.

Uncomfortable social environment? It's not uncomfortable provided you don't vent with profanity in a private/public channel. Help rules-language says that all swears to public channels and group tells get logged, just in case. But, what it doesn't mention is that tells, buddychats (which for most people is private), also get logged for swears.
How does that make it uncomfortable? Curse about a certain imm after he/she implements a change... If that particular imm happens to read through the swear logs (and maybe greps for their name), you've just made yourself a new enemy, congratulations! Granted, if the imm jails you, you can likely find someone to let you out.

About a month ago (Sept 1), Snikt decreed that triggers are bad. Okay, fair enough, it's his place, he doesn't want triggers. Logical step after this, update helpfile to reflect new changes. Here we are, just over a month later, with the same old helpfile. We've gotten a few new socials, though.

I do enjoy the game at times, but I'm mostly there for the company of my private buddyset (which sadly isn't as private as I wish it were), the occasional lord or hero run.

Remember, your characters are always subject to the whim of whomever happens to be coding at the time.

Without knowing who is on the appeals team, I can honestly say that I've seen some pretty ridiculous appeals get pushed through. Does it make a difference to me if someone gets a race change on a character that they knowingly remorted? Indirectly, because if they got their race changed, it'd be nice for me to have the same opportunity.

Is this a thumbs up or down review? Neither I guess. Just a little information about some misinformation.


P.S. Apologies about the poor formatting.