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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Firefist

I found this mud around 7 years ago, while in my c++ programing class.  After playing for the last 4 years of high school, at that time i left. I came back and it was still the same! nothing had changed. there where a few new "faces" sure but most of the people there, where alts of lords and other heros. Nothing wrong with that. I started a human warrior, and i herod him which is no small feat, the leveling system there is hard and very challengeing.  I hero'd and i become what is called a hitter, someone who sits and hits for the tank. I thought thats not too bad. Well as i progressed though the levels, I became aware of something going around called elitism. now thats where your no longer good for anything cause you dont belong to a certain group of people. There is something called classim, where if you pick a human warrior (the easiest thing to play, and humans are adaptable to anything) you get looked over, told there is no point in doing so,  and generaly harrast cause you picked something you liked. Sounds like fun right? Yeah thought so, sadly it runs though avatar like a virus, what do the staff do? they join in, maybe not in thier immortal roles, but as thier alts and laugh and joke at the mis fortunes of others.  
Now, after i have post'd this, see how many people come and try to discredit me.