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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Gynamede

In response to Toggle

I can't count that high.  (Just kidding) as for your information.  I was jailed twice in Gynamede.  Some may say it was a justified jailing, I perhaps disagree.  It was over a year before I was allowed back.  So to say i was jailed so many times and have it implied i was allowed back immediately cause of favoritism is false.  I was never once treated with any favortisim.  (I can supply copies of my rapsheet if need be to prove this, however i don't think Topmudsites Admin's would allow such a long post)  I guess if want to ask then why was I allowed to stay so long.  Well that's probably cause in my opinion, the rules which I were accused of breaking where extreamly minor such as just my general attitude sucked most of the time about most of the changes and actions by the staff and me trying to question them on every little change.  But as always there's two sides of the story.  

After being allowed back after a year hiatus, Things started off well, but started to go downhill again.  I pretty much showed to have come back with the same attitude and was jailed again for the same reason as before. (If your curious of about what was the straw that broke the camel's back, well it was probably my comment vs's the imm echo "Did you hear that?" with my response being on hero "Oops sorry i farted").  Anyway, wanted to clear that up so you have your story straight.

Who is now off playing bigger and better muds.