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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Akejama

This is a mud specifically designed it seems to appeal to the parents of teen players. It is an overly censured mud that leaves no opportunity to express opinions or thought without immediate IMM sanction. They allow thier own players to act as language police and it has a rather negative atmosphere. If you are old enough to actually have your own opinons you'll want to keep them to yourself in this mud.
The mud plays well enough and I'd let any kid with an attitude problem play here, he/she would fit right in.  It's a quite enjoyable mud if you stay off their chat channels and don't read thier notes. Take a playing partner with you and this mud can be a fun mud to play.
It has a basic IMM philosophy of stomping on any hint of role playing, unhappy verbage, or the expression of individualism.  Ask any question and the stock reply is going to refer you to a "HELP FILE" no matter how simple the question would have been to answer.  It is a very rude atmosphere.  I honestly believe there are people sit in this mud all day for the simple pleasure of barking the name of a helpfile, shouting improper language, or issuing a copy of whatever you say on a public channel in order to gain censure of you by an IMM.  
It is a great mud if you're into playing where gestapo tactics are used to control the verbal expression of any original concept, role play, or in taking exception with anything someone else says.  When this mud lists they encourage "ROLE PLAY"  they are flat telling a lie.. not a fib.. an outright lie.  Go in here an try role playing a cranky old Orc.. or a mean ol troll and you'll soon find yourself sitting in the Implimentor's office tied to a chair, bound, and gagged.
I liked the play.. disliked the people.. and found the IMM staff poorly trained to encourage a happy healthy environment.  The mud itself is mostly original and the play is fair and IMM favortism is not seemingly present at least at the lower levels. They have an angel program but it is pretty near a joke. They would be better served to give their hero's some help on how to do CR's and forget the Angels who seldom appear and are never there when needed.  The religeon aspect added to this game I found weird and out of fit but it can be successfully ignored. It seems much of a distraction and adds little to the quality of play. They have untoggled the eating and drinking requirements in this mud and that removes some of the uncessary spam.  Now if they could learn to remove their overpowering intent upon extreme censure they might actually have a great MUD.  It's a top 20 mud, but no better.  Anyone rates this mud in the top ten is stuffing the ballot box.