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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Riviat

AVATAR has language rules which include no profanities on public channels.
This is because we have a very wide spread of ages who play ranging from people at school to people who have retired and all ages in between.

We also have rules against flaming or harassing other players.

Also because of the fact that we are lucky to be an international community with players from all over the world who have many different belief systems, we do not encourage the discussion of emotive subject such as politics and religion as there is is too much potential for flame wars and heated disagreements.

If people want to discuss these, we have provided special buddychannels which are private and the language and subject rules are a lot more relaxed.

Exceptions to this are:

if the buddychannel is announced on a public channel, whereupon the buddychannel is classed as a public channel and the normal language rules apply.

if we receive a report that the buddychannel is being used as a mechanism to harass another player, upon which point we reserve the right to investigate and step in if necessary.

Roleplaying is not enforced on AVATAR and is allowed as long as the roleplaying does not infringe our rules on acceptable language, flaming or harassment.

If in order to have fun you need to constantly swear, flame or harass others then AVATAR is not the MUD for you and we respectfully suggest that you look elsewhere.

As previously mentioned, AVATAR has an extensive helpfile system and often people are directed to look at the relevant helpfile when they ask a question.

There are a number of reasons for this, one of them being that the helpfiles normally cover the question asked plus they often contain useful addtional information.

Another may be that the person answering may not know the exact answer to the question but may know that there is an applicable helpfile.

If the person answering is simply regurgitating the contents of the helpfile, then it makes sense to get the person who asked the question in the first place to become familiar with our helpfile system and the best way to do this by getting them to read the helpfile.

If someone reads the helpfile and still doesn't understand then there is usually someone who will take the time to explain it differently.