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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Snikt

I noticed today in writing this that the moderators are removing posts with invalid emails. I wonder why? (sarcastic answer: because Snikt will destroy my pfiles if I post my charname *snikt* answer: name someone who I've done that with >:) ).

Where to start...

Okay, I'll admit our instant gratification society is well-deserving of the entitlement mentality I've been reading here. Wait, that's sarcasm. Restart. Okay, I'll admit I love running a mud that people enjoy playing on. I love many of the personalities, I love the code challenges (really, I'm not being totally sarcastic), I love the game design. I understand the sulking attitude of people who've been spanked for not following some simple requests (sar: "TYRANNY! OPPRESSION!" *s*: safer environment for my kids than - do I really need to quote, and if so, at what point DO you draw a line, or are you really saying we shouldn't?). I'm not fully aware of why people who hate our efforts to provide a safe, fun (sar: repetitive *s*: best solution I've currently got right now) environment spend so much effort trying to denigrate it (sar: "spreading the gospel on how much avatar sucks" *s*: whining because they got caught doing something naughty and aren't allowed to play anymore).

Case in point: I've just now gotten distracted by said children. I no longer have any freaking clue of what I was going to rant on about but I'll leave you with this... Unless or until you (the general you) come up with a better free mud, I love what has been created. I'm unlikely to stop because I've irked off some cowards or even some people I respect.

Things could be better in Avatar, but for now, it is what it is.

Have a nice day.