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Reviews Section
Discworld by Sleffie

Hello, my name is Sleffie McBing. Make-up artist on "Lost in Inhumation". With Sleff Factor Bathrobefinity, you don't have to worry about a lack of bathrobey goodness.

I've been a Discworld addict for about 3 years now. Eventually Sleffie became a 'steady' character, and it is through him in which I've experienced joy, friendship and lots and lots of fun.

When I began and I was but an ickle newbie, everything seemed huge and massive, and the Disc is a pretty big place. Loads of areas to explore, lots of weapons to use to bring mayhem to foes (or possibly friends, if you're into that sort of thing), tons of items you can use for.. well... a lot, clothing to wear[1] (including bathrobes! Anybody who'd know me a bit would know about my love for bathrobes) and so on!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes.. starting out!
Well, I progressed nicely, or well.. as far as I could tell, and happily chatted on the 'talker channel', which enables to you to talk to lots of other users on the Mud. Eventually I've grown rather fond of the Assassins talker (among others, and various club channels) and I have even gone to various MudMeets[2] and have drunk, been merry and wore my bathrobe.

I have tried other muds, which I won't name here because that'd be negative, but pretty much all the Muds I've tried didn't have the same friendlyness as the Disc. I love it! Jay Disc!


Anyway, feel free to have a visit. And if you see "Sleffie McBing" online, feel free to give me a hug, you can be certain I'll hug, tickle or cuddle you back![3]


[1] One of the great things about the Disc is that clothing is for show and temperature. Some clothing provides protection too. (the metally kind of clothing, often referred to as armour and whatnot), but you can often wear armour and something over that. Clothing itself doesn't add "+[soandso]" to any skill or whatnot, which doesn't force you to wear specific clothing. You can wear whatever you like, including bathrobes! :D

[2]Mudders, alcohol, silly games including cups, bathrobes, pencils, forgetting one particular name repeatedly[4], general niceness!

[3]It might be handy to add that your reason for hugging was because of this review, as I
1). Hug people on a regular basis
2). Have a tendency to forget who I hug on a regular basis, and just hug a lot of people.

[4]If you're reading, I remembe now! *blows bubbles*