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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Dereandoran

I came here looking for a pleasant place to play where the atmosphere is friendly and i'd be treated like an adult.  To be honest i'm 50/50 on this mud.  I'll explain below

For the most part in my few days of player experience and from what i've read about this mud from the info page (not other players reviews).  It's hard to come to a full conculsion here.  As it is said, for the most part i have to agree that players and imms/staff alike are friendly and helpful, when they help.  There are often times i'll log on, mostly in the morning on EST and find more immortals on then there lord tier players and lowmortal players (combined)  However i've often come across silence when asking for help on thier gossip/chat channel.

One thing that really disappointed me was the advertising on here specifically of 140 players on.  it's 1/6th of that actually at least the times i play at.  The other major downside here is that many times i feel as i'm treated as an inferior person and almost like i'm a kid in school and the teacher is always watching me.

It's hard to give this place a thumbs up or down, so i'd have to say thumbs sideway.  Suggestion.  Try to play during peek hours 7pm EST or so to get the full expereience.

Great thing about this place.  Helpfiles galore, nothing but helpfiles for everything.