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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Angel Kenji

First off, thanks for the review Dereandoran. Your comments have alot of validity to them, and I'd like to respond.

The Imms and staff do try to treat players with the maturity and respect they deserve. There are times when unfortunately, we have to deal with a difficult player, or someone who has logged on to our mud just to cause a scene.

As for player counts, early morning EST is a difficult time to get a good impression of our playerbase. I am often on in the morning (as I work nights) and there may only be 30-40 players at that time.  During peak times, (evening EST) we typically have 80-110 players on.

The review states 140, and when the review was written, that was true. We are at a bit of a lull as of late, but are actively looking for new players to join our family. Like most muds, we go through cycles in player counts, imm staffing levels, etc.

As for you being treated like a kid, I do sincerely apologize. One of the advantages of a MUD is that people are anonymous behind their characters. There is no bigotry, racism or sexism on a MUD. (Usually). However, a new form of stereotyping comes into play, in that if someone is a new player, or a low level character, it is automatically assumed that they don't know anything about the game, mudding, or even life in general!

I've even experienced this myself as I log on in a new alt, just to see how things are from that perspective.

All in all, I hope you have enjoyed playing on AVATAR, and I look forward to seeing you in-game. If you see me on, send me a tell!

-Angel Kenji
Angel of AVATAR