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Reviews Section
Arcane Nites by Sorcha

This was my very first mud ever and I have been playing since 98/99. I played faithfully for probably 3-4 years without checking any other muds out. Since then, I have checked about 5-10 other muds and by far this is the most organized and thought out mud I have seen.

They did a complete upgrade and re-write to the entire base to make it more unique and more diverse in the way you want to have your character. We currently have a sphere system that allows you to choose whether you want to be more physical or magical and from that you can choose between 14 different spheres(9 magical and 5 physical). All these spheres have 5 levels of skills/spells and you can mix and match to fit your character along with the class skills that you receive normally.

From my experience at Arcane Nites, both as a player and an Immortal, I would recommend Arcane Nites to anyone and everyone that wants a stable, friendly and wonderful mudding experience.

The options lie before you, will you choose the path that leads to Arcane Nites? I would...