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Reviews Section
Arcane Nites by Thyriel

Ok, I will not tell you 'This MUD's the best, play it or die.' But I will say 'This MUD IS the best, give it a shot.' Our counts may not be as encouraging. But the staff, and player base we have. Are friendly, and welcoming. For instance. We had this new comer, Tonogashi. He was the only mort on the MUD at the moment. So a few of us decided to pitch in voucers in exchange for a few levels for him. Now, how many MUDs do you log on and get a bonus from players who just want to help out. To see you make it good in the MUD.

Next to the kindness, you have knowledgable players usually on who have been with AN since the early beginnings. So if you need help, and a player of good knowledge of the realm is able to help. You will be given the correct solution to your problem, or right answer to your question. This also goes with AN's staff. AN has always been a MUD to welcome it's new comers with help, answers, and newbie related items to help them on their way.

Though, I am not saying that every last player is kind. There are of course the, unkind, amongst the realm. But the ratio to kind/unkind is in favor for the kind. Luckly most the time the unkind players will never cause harm.

The reason why our activity on Top MUD Sites has been so active lately. Is because we would really like to see the counts go up. Because a MUD such as AN. Is a waste if it is not reaching MUDers. And it is a shame to see good things go to waste. Therefor, if you read these reviews and think to yourself, 'Well, I'm already playing a good MUD. So what would the point be of playing another?' You are missing an opportunity to play a MUD in which you do not have to struggle. Unlike most MUDs when you first get out of the school. You dont have people ready to direct you in where to level, where to obtain reasonable equipment. Or even willing to help you level, get equipment, and gold. Where as on AN. Those type of things are a daily occurrence.

So, end the struggle of having to roam around a MUD blindly. And give AN a try. Or die, grin:p But seriously, the only way to see this for yourself. Is to create a character and see for yourself that what I am saying. Is indeed an everyday thing on AN. So good luck, and enjoy. If you decide to log on:)