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Reviews Section
Arcane Nites by Sarin

There isn't a Cadillac in the world that has more options and features than AN. The time and work put into the coding and construction of this mud is beyond comparison, and it is VERY visible by all players, new and old. I can confidently say that I would, under oath, testify to the fact that there are quite literally no two characters the same.
There have been so many people and players involved in the creation of this game, as far as realm development, character mapping, mob creation and more, that there isn't a game out there that can even be fit to compare! I think that the support base from staff and players is remarkable and unique to AN alone.  
Don't cheat yourself...come on by and give it a try! You will never know what you are missing out on until you do. I guarantee that you will find it hard put to walk away.