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Reviews Section
Arcane Nites by Saec Fairheart

good day to ye all :)

i've been playing Arcane nites (AN) since 1997, that is on a regular basis.
during the last 3 years AN has been using the new codebase, written mostly by
Ryu himself, to my knowledge at least. the reason i've been playing AN for these
many years is, because i like the people who play there and of course the tons
of areas, not to forget the various classes and races avalible to us players. To
mention but a few, Gargoyles, Fairy, Centaur, Minotaur, Goblins and Orcs, all
these along with the standard ones, Humans, Elves etc. etc.

Then there's the really interesting, and some times confusing, skill system. the
reason i say its sometime confusing is because there are little over 500
different skills, and getting what you want can be a challange, cause there are
so many great things. keeping in mind that there are over 500 skills/spells also
means you have a greater opertunity to specialize your character.

the system of skills is devided into "spheres" sort of "schools of magic" where
you can specialize in, for instance, blacksmithing, crafting equipment for other
players or for yourself. Imbue the items with magical attributes, meaning you
dont really have to focus on getting equipment to level, cause you have the
chance of making it yourself.

along with the crafting there's the Meta sphere, a school which aids the
spellcaster, with power enhancing of your already learned spells. besides the
spellcasting part of it, you get a chance to enchant items with varous spells
and stats. dont worry about this causing a balance problem, it doesnt.

back to me again. like i mentioned earlier i've been playing here since 97, my
favorite class is wizard, here the wizard really have a chance to grow powerful,
once of the things i like best about being a wizard is the tons of spells i get,
and their use. You can cast some spells across a number of rooms meaning you
have ranged combat and the wizard can actually live up to its role as a distant

one last thing, i've looked over alot of muds out there and two things i really
like about AN:
1) the colors used on AN, its consistant, doesnt flicker or is to dark, with
zmud this place really stands out, there's very few things you actually need to
configure, right off the wagon.

2) The help file system, when in doubt theres most likely a helpfile to give an
answer, and if it happens, that there isnt one, there's always a hero or legend
or imm to ask for help.
the ooc channel is really the newbies most important help tool :)

There are lots more than i have told about here, i can only encurage people to
stop by and check us out.

The name is Saec Fairheart, feel free to ask for my help and advice when you
get online.