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Reviews Section
The Darkening Sun by Dumax

If I had a single cent for every single time I cursed at this game,
I'd be a millionaire.

If I had a dime for every single time this game has kept me awake
until three am in the morning, and then woke up 4 hours later feeling
and acting like a mindless zombie, I'd be a billionaire.

If I had a penny for each time I sighed in frustration as I proceeded
through the day, waiting eagerly for the time when I can get my daily
fix of DS, I'd be the richest man in the world.

Yes, this game is that addictive.

When I started playing on this MUD, I was a complete newbie to
MUDing. I wasn't even sure I would like to play a textbased game,
and I related as much to the Creator of DS (Daos). He claimed that DS
boasted something for everyone. A little slice of perfect heaven for
every single type and calibre of player out there.

Do you want challenge? Try to become a hero. What do you require to
be a hero? Simple, level your character up through 90 levels, and then
survive a hero quest. What is a hero quest? An immortal run quest
solely for you. As an example, let me use my own heroquest.

My hero character is a paladin. His quest involved freeing an undead
knight from his torment. This knight was, when alive, a paladin of my
faith. The quest fit like a glove to my character, as he too had
questionable faith. At first, I must say I was a little disappointed.
It seemed my quest was the typical kill the big hooha and be a hero.
Then I saw the effort placed in this single heroquest. An ENTIRE area
was built for me, expertly desced. Till now, only I have had the
honour of going through that area, and exploring it completely.
Perhaps the idea behind the heroquest was run of the mill, but by
gods, the Roleplaying behind it was exemplary, the effort behind it
enormous, and the satisfaction from it absolute.

Which brings me to another point. This MUD REFUSES unoriginal areas.
Almost every area on the MUD has a little quest that must be
performed. You won't find anything here in terms of weaponry, armor,
or items that could be considered modern (aka no lightsabers).

Then there is the roleplaying. I could spend the entire night writing
about that alone. This MUD encourages roleplaying. What with the
original race-tales, the gods, and the immortal driven rp. This is a
MUD where you can practically live out your character, feel what he or
she feels, and experience all his or her joys or sorrows.

The player races are both varied and interesting. And although DS has
some generic races (humans, elves, dwarves), we also boast plenty of
other, original races. Draconians, Dragoons, Avians, half-orcs,
hobgoblins, Lizardmen, sylphs, gnolls, minotaurs, duergars, and
merfolk. All of these can be chosen, and they all fit perfectly with
the DS world.

The player classes, are equally varied. Although DS does have the
typical run of the mill races, they have all been revised, adding
skills/spells to them, or at the very least, modifying the
skills/spells to make them original. Some of the classes are
completely original as well, designed and coded for DS solely.
Nightblades, Spellfilchers, Magiknights. With Bards, Conjurers, and
dark Knights being in development.

Yup, DS has definitely taken away what life I had, and replaced it
with tired eyes, an aching back, and many sleepless nights. But I
consider it a deal. Join us, and I promise you an experience you will
not forget any time soon.

P.S. Daos has recently agreed to incorporate a remorting system into
the DS system, and has since proceeded towards making new remort
classes and races. To me, this means I'll be spending another 3 years
reheroing my character, and believe me, I'm looking forward to it.