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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Emyt

A review of Avatar... interesting concept. Is it a great game? At times yes at others no. Are the people friendly and helpful? Some are and some are there just to belittle others it seems. Imms, staff? Well there is quite a mix there also. There will be times that everyone is happy as can be joking and laughing with you and the next thing you know bam paladins killing people and not always because they stepped out of line. This mud does have its "favorites" that are catered to and babied and rarely if ever get a slap on the wrist for stepping way across the line but if you are new or tend to not make yourself noticed as much and you step out of line a little odds are you will get squashed. Now some may wonder how I can say all of this and that is simply because I have played this mud for over 5 years. I know most of the ins and outs. The different tiers there can be fun. Mort (1-50) for new players can be great fun and a very big challenge. Hero (51) can extend to as many as 999 levels and can be more fun than any other part of the mud as you can do things on your own or get a group together by your choice. I have played every class at hero and have had no problems playing either by myself or in a group. Lord tier (the mysterious) Lord is supposed to be a secret as far as spells/skills go but it now has so many players that there really arnt any secrets left. As far as playing lord it can be very limiting you "have" to group you can not "solo" and not simply due to the mob levels. Soloing at lord is "frowned upon" which means anything from someone saying don't do it to having the almighty paladin show up, kill you, and the Imm eating your corpse. This can be a problem also because as is the norm there it will depend on the current mood of whomever is on. The lord tier can also be interesting because many of the people either change or perhaps its just more noticable that a lot less of the players are friendly and helpful at this tier. People are typically belittled for either not knowing how to do something or making mistakes which can make the tier very unfriendly but if you stick with it it can be fun and has its own entertainment value but you better know what you are doing. I think that most any mudders would have fun at AVATAR if they give it half a chance as the game play is good but at times you have to try and set aside the attitudes of the players, staff, and Imms.