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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Eldor

A lot of people ask why Realms of Despair is so popular.

I don't rightly know exactly why, but I do know that this MUD has been around a long time (almost seven years now), and has managed to keep adding new areas, features, spells, skills and the like contantly over the years.

It boggles the mind how a bunch of nice people can put so much time aside from their busy lives for so many years to provide such a wonderful source of enjoyment for all of us.

It could only be the love of the game that would keep these people dedicated for so many years without accepting a cent for all their work.

Realms of Despair is a delightful community (despite the name), and though I've spent a fair amount of time checking out other MUDs, nowhere else feels quite as much like home as RoD.

It's the MUD that I call home, and that is the perfect name for it.  It's like going home to your family.  It just feels right.

Speaking of family, RoD is the parent to a whole family of other MUDs, as Realms of Despair is where the popular SMAUG code base comes from.

So if you're out there playing another SMAUG based MUD, you're experiencing a little piece of RoD already, and coming over to RoD will be like visiting the grandparents in an odd sort of way... and you know how they like to spoil you ;)

The immortals are hard working, friendly, extremely helpful, and some of the nicest people I've ever met in my life -- and I have met some of them, since Realms of Despair has this huge Anniversary Reunion every summer.

Oh yes... the REUNION!  I almost forgot!  Not only do the immortals put in an unbelievable amount of online time into the game, but every year they all get together and organize the best time packed into a long weekend you ever heard tell of!

Last summer there were at least 100 people there from all over the world.  Seeing all those people together who I've only known online is the most amazing thing in the world.

Anyways... enough of my rambling... I have a run to do.  Take care, and happy mudding!