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Reviews Section
Midnight Sun by Ella

  Although I've written a review before, I feel it is time to write one again, for new feelings and new characteristics have come to light.
  I went on a mud trying expedition, I tried quite a few, I figured that since people were too busy whining about things, and complaining, that perhaps there was another mud out there for me. I was wrong, really wrong.
  I tried all sizes, all themes, all codes bases, all different popularity, lets just assume I tried pretty much everthing. However, nothing compared to what I already had.
  Midnight Sun, can be taken as far as you want to take it. I admit that it times it's been a struggle to level, and takes some deterimination. But Midnight Sun offers such an array of people to talk to, that sometimes I find myself easily distracted and end up talking more than hunting. When I played other muds, there wasn't anybody to talk to, IC or OOC, at least not to the same magnitude, I've formed friendships with some to the point where we talk even outside the MUD.. you can't beat that..
   Next, the overwhelming response a newbie gets.. sure.. we kinda throw you into finding things out yourself, but there is ALWAYS a rush of people wanting to help as soon as you enter.. I simply don't get the same feeling when an NPC introduces me to an area, as nice and planned out as it might be..
  Areas, I'm lazy, there are so many of not explored, and some I've not even read up on yet ;) .. Midnight Sun grows with you.. you can see and do as little as you like.. or challenge yourself and see as much as you like.. The mud is constantly changing and growing, although there are grumbles from a few players, they would agree that Midnight Sun, is as versatile as they come..
 We may not pull as many people in, because we're not as motivated to vote around the clock.. but, if you do try our MUD, if you do take the time, you'll never forget it.. and we'll never forget you..