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Reviews Section
New Moon by Chibi

New Moon is a world of fantasy and adventure. Where Dragons still fly and Witch's still brew. If that doesnít bring you into the world, the immense level of exploration will. The sights and sounds of an Old world is felt and heard with the attention to details. If you see a window, you can look at the window, If you see a tree you can look at a tree, there are several descriptions for an object as you look deeper into it. Non-Player characters are mostly interactive and highly entertaining. Whether they are there to add to the atmosphere or there to provide clues they help your mind envision what your character is experiencing at the moment. The World is rather large with several different towns and cities. Different languages and customs, and different behaviors and attitudes depending on where you are.  
     The character you choose to play is customizable with points, so it is up to you to determine what kind of person you want to be. What strengths or weakness' you have and what enemies you will start out with, Elves are auto-attacked by NPC Orcs, as an example of enemies. They have several different classes to choose from ranging from Human, Drow, Orc, Elf, Troll, Hobbit, Gnome and Dwarf to Half-Ogre and Half-Elf. You are also able to make a player description and a player history if you choose to. These are steps to let you become your character.

      Role-playing isn't a must but it is strongly urged. You are in charge of your own destiny, whether is be for good, evil or neutral. Person killing is something you have to sign up for, but beware for the deal is sealed with blood and once they have you, you can never go back. Person stealing is another option but again, you must consent to it. Which means that if you are just beginning you donít have to worry about stepping out of the newbie area and being slain right on the spot by another player then having all your things stolen from you.

       New or Old to mudding, this is a place for both. Most the people are friendly and helpful and most have no problem answering questions or helping out. If the gaming experience doesnít bring you back, the players will. You have a large range of personalities and all of them add to the immense pleasure of the game. If you want to just kill things, this might not be the place for you, although they have things to kill a lot of them are marginally tough, especially if you donít like killing animals. Also power-leveling is sort of frowned upon. If spilling the blood of innocence or ridding the world of evil isn't your thing, they also have quests.  The Quests can be very rewarding with special items or other things depending on your alignment. Though they have quests a lot of the time is spent looking for them. Its rather difficult but usually is worth it. You are allowed hints from other players but donít expect a walkthrough, that is a no-no on New Moon.

     They have an area that lets you get to know the controls and what kind of place New Moon is in the beginning, so it doesnít start you out right smack in the game. They have a newbie channel that allows you to ask questions if you are completely lost. New Moon also has three other channels as well. Chat channel allows you to talk generally about anything, as long at it is appropriate, to the other players that have chat on. Auction allows you to either sell your extras and make a little money or inquire for certain things you might be lacking. Then there is the role-playing channel. This channel is specifically for you to role-play and is not used for anything else but that.

      The game isn't without bugs, and for this they have a command that allows you to let the Creators know about it. They spend a lot of time fixing and tweaking to make sure the game runs smoothly for the players. The Creators are more then friendly and are willing to help out when they aren't too busy creating. They also like to hear ideas from the player, not all of them will make it, but some do.  They have spent a lot of time making sure help files are actually helpful and are willing to answer any questions if it isn't covered in the help files. I can not stress enough how awesome the Cre's are. They don't act as though they are better than you or act as though they know everything about the game. They are people who are doing something they love, for free, and it shows in how they handle New Moon. This is their baby, and they treat it as such.

      I have only been playing a MUD since October 24th, 2004. New Moon is my first MUD and I feel will be my only MUD. This has been an enthralling adventure for me, and I plan on continuing this adventure for years to come. I highly recommend this MUD to all and urge you to join up. My name is Chibi and I'm a New Moonaholic. ComeÖExperience the adventure for yourself.