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Reviews Section
Prophecy the MUD by Ssolvarian

Ive been playing this MUD for about 6 years now, on and off as I have sometimes had limited access to a computer. It doesnt have a particularly large playerbase, but those that do play are quite dedicated. Leveling is fairly easy, if you are set on in. PK plays a very large role, and a very small one at the same time. Those that choose to PK usually stick to it, and suddenly a whole new world appears. You can play as a non-PK player, as most of the playerbase does and join the recently formed Playerclans. These clans are not made and set forth by the immortals for PK purposes, rather   they are made by the players, who ammass an amount of gold, qp, and rppts (role play points, awarded to those who RP regularly, and put forth the effort to try). There are auto-quests, which involve finding a mob and completing some sort of task for it, and returning to collect the reward. The reward is usually gold, a small amount of experience, and aqpts. Aqpts can be used to purchase certain pieces of armor, restring an item, or a few other intresting rewards. There is limited cussing allowed on the public channels, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Players are always happy to help all players, new or veteran. Due to a few mistakes here and there my the Immortals, the playerbase suffered a setback. As the Immortals have begun to mend and correct these mistakes, the playerbase is slowly returning, and perhaps even growing. We realize that the immortals are human too, and they have learned that it is almost ALWAYS best to be sure that the populace of the MUD is happy with any drastic/major changes that will or could be made. I have tried of few other MUDs. Realms of Despair being the most notable. I find that RoD, while large, is missing alot of the personal, person to person activity that Prophecy the MUD involves. People get married, form fueds, form friendships. The majority of the playerbase are friends online.  
Thanks for taking the time to read my review, confusing as it may be.
Eunuch Assassin of the Eternal Salmissra