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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Mel Gibson

Once again, it falls to me. Mel. I'm getting too old for this. Someone dislikes the grouping system and a staff member from Avatar writes back saying "You're wrong, do this instead". Sad but true. You'd think they would just give it a rest, reviews should be taken and left as commentary without a need for the peanut gallery (read: low-level staff who watch out for this) to go after it. These are opinions but are always treated like they're facts on a math test that need to be corrected because the player has erred. The same will happen to me. Just remember as well, if you make a joke about anything thats against the rules (without swearing, or anything naughty!) you will get told "Unfunny things are not allowed on channels". Was told this by Kariya today, who's a senior staff member. Pathetic. This may leave open who Mel Gibson has been all these years. But hey, I dont care. :)