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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Angel Kenji

Yep, it's Angel Kenji again, but not here to refute or disagree with what the previous writer (the anonymous Hugg N. Anjul) states.

First off, I'm flattered that the writer thinks highly of me. Thank you. I'm also flattered to be considered in the same league as Riviat, whose dedication I admire.

I'm actually going to agree with everything that Hugg writes. We do have problems on the staff/player communication level. It's not perfect. There are times that the staff comes off as non-trusting and condescending.

The truth is, the staff, coders, Imms, Angels, well... we're human (at least in real life). We do make mistakes. Sometimes our interaction isn't the best. I recently had a very poor interaction with a very tenured player and felt badly about it afterwards. It happens to even the best of us.

I'm saddened that we are losing Hugg as a player. I can only hope that he will contact me personally. I'm saddened to lose any player. But Hugg's review shows me that he is more insightful and looks at the 'big picture' instead of just complaining about a particular nerfed skill or tweaked spell.

I also agree with Hugg on one more point. Give us the benefit of the doubt and take a look at Avatar. Give us a chance to show you just why some of us are so dedicated. And drop me a 'tell' when you're online. Thanks.