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Reviews Section
Prophecy the MUD by Asthiss

After playing mud for 9 years and 7 of thees on prophecy I would cal my slef an addic and thought it was about time I did something to promote this wonderful place.

Prophecy is baced on the books writen by david eddings, having said this there is nothing saying that you cant enjoy the place with out having read the books. I myself had not read em untill I started. Now I have read them ones to get a better feel in how to play the role of my charecters.

Prophecy most be one of the most newbie friendly places around. There are even two clans that solitly devote them self to helping newcommers into the world.

On prophecy you got the option to chose if you want to pk(player kill)or not. I would strongly recomend that you try pk atleast ones. Perphas not at ones if you never mudded before. But all I have to say is that the rush of pk fight is not seen in any other game that I have played. If I have a pk fight that is very even and unserten, lait at night. I will have to stay up for atleast an hour after, just to let the adrenalin settle.

I hope to see you soon.

If you have any questions or nead help dont feel scared to give me a tell if you see me online. (tell asthiss <message> for all you newmudders)

/ Asthiss