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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Zaffer

So, my second little blurb on this site. Why am I writing a second time!?

If you recall my last review (I have no idea of the date I wrote it, sorry), my biggest annoyance was that a character I had worked on for four years was made significantly worse after a single reboot (failed backstab ~50%, then later, after many complaints, 20%). So, here we are, long after the stealth changes, while I still disagree with them, and think that realism has no place in fantasy, I'd like to thank Devastant for offering to rebuild rogues of races that were negatively affected by stealth mods (dragons, trolls, ogres, orcs, etc).

I happily had my dragon rogue rebuilt into a griffon rogue. I went from missing 1/5 stabs to 1/80. I lost hp/mana, but my rogue can finally stab again.

Changes may occur slowly sometimes, but there's at least one person who helped those who got the shaft.

Avatar's a much more enjoyable place after this one gesture.