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Reviews Section

Well, letís finally balance out the pace in reviews written.

A long time ago a mud I used to play frantically, day and night, expired.  I searched and searched for a mud and came upon Avatar.  At first I really didnít like it, so I stopped playing it for about a year, but then came back :-P.  It had everything I wanted as a new player and still does now.  The Immortals, Angels, and even players greet you with open arms.  It was hard though, being a ďnewbieĒ, because I didnít know anything about it or anyone, but a kind Hero (one of the tiers of AvatarMUD) came upon me when I died.  He not only helped me with my corpse retrieval, but also helped me with getting to know how to do certain things and just to get to know the game in general.  With his lessons I continued my journey all the way through Hero and to Lord (so far the highest mortal tier, still waiting for Titan and Legend to come in) eventually.  On the way I met some pretty awesome people even though I knew inside they were probably some geeky nerd :-P.  
Anyways, the thing that was lacking then was immortal involvement with players, but now itís flourishing.  Immortal run quests are a weekly->monthly acquaintances.  Most of them, Iíll admit, get a little boring because theyíre almost purely hack n slash, but a few of them have to do with brains that even a new player could win if they tried.  Even at lord, the best tier imo, has quite the quests and almost all of us have fun doing it, well as much fun as you can while typing.  Now the Immortals are coding up a storm and making this game fun for players, although some may not like the way some things are going, but they get an alternate relief.  Indeed, the immortal staff is hurting in some places, but in others things are happening.    

Well I feel bad to actual leave this mud, it is practically part of my home, but itís for reason that Iíve decided for myself(Merck helped me a little bit too *wink*) not because of the mud.  Itís a wonderful mud and I encourage anyone who is new to mudding, or an experienced mudder to come try it out. I can only hope it will continue heading in the right direction for years to come.  Say Hi to Merck and Dev for me :).

PS A lot of players think the immortals donít really care about them, but look at it this way.  If Snikt or any of the immortals didnít care he wouldnít be paying $$$ each month to keep this mud alive and the immortals wouldnít spend their time making this a better place if it wasnít worth it.  Have Fun! (remember family mud)