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Reviews Section
Tsunami by Motivator

The world of Tsunami has evolved a lot since my review back on 6/16/04.  It evolved enough that I though it would only be right if I submitted an update.

A few Major changes I must first mention...
PVP is now totally optional!  
If you choose to PVP you must wait until level 10.
Though there is still PVP wars in which all players may participate in.

I have discovered that players can buy and build their own houses(This is basicly like coding your own personal area, or I should say pay a wizard to do it for you... using in game money of course and you provide the descriptions.)

You can own your own heal shop, item shop, and/or bar for those of you that like to play merchant like myself.

Serveral "mini-games" are there such as Poker(which can get intense), Yatzee, and a custom game call Magewar (Think of Magic the Gathering in which you collect cards by killing monsters and doing quests).

There is a bounty hunting/quest system which is rather unique.  Basicly you ask this guy named Brett for a job.  He then instructs you to kill a monster that is about your level.  Then you get to explore Tsunami in search of this monster.  If you find and kill your target you get a large experiance bonus and some cash.  

Many of the orginal classes have been redesigned and given Japanese names to go along with the Tsunami's theme. For example Wu-jen is actually a wizard and Aramitama which is a ghost.

The average player base is around 15-30 with the occational lows of 6ish and highs up to 60+.  The population is rather diverse with many from Brazil, Australia, Sweden, and the US.

As far as the game itself... it is huge with approx 15k+ rooms... inwhich I personally have explored perhaps about 60% of it in my many years of travel.  There is always something new to see and explore for the brave and heardy adventurer.

Most importantly though is that Tsunami has some extremely motivated wizards that are pushing out updates new features and fixing stuff every few days.  

I personally give Tsunami a thumbs up, try it!