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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Romani

Realms of Despair offers a wide variety of gaming experiences from running mobs to role-play and pkill. While neither role-play nor pkill are required, they have a home on RoD. As a staff member I enjoy participating in a variety of functions on the mud from building, assisting with quests, hosting private pkills, to officiating many of the games within the game that we have.

As a player, there is so much in the online world that many players have become close real-life friends through the years. There is a great sense of community within both the players and immortals that RoD quickly becomes an extended family.

Within the Realms of Despair, there are many organizations. Each organization offers different areas of specialization such as guilds, orders, nations, and clans. We also have an outstanding support organization, the Newbie Council, to assist the player in learning the basics of online gaming. The guilds offer specialization in the many classes available on RoD, while most orders offer specialized techniques of massive elite mob runs.

The nations are the basis for much of the role-play on RoD. And with the recent rebuild of The City of Sanctus Irae, the Role-play City on RoD, players are flocking to join this long-standing organization now transformed.

While there are hundreds of online games that would attempt to copy what the Realms of Despair has to offer, none measure up to the original Smaug developed by our outstanding team of coders. Nor do they measure up to the world within this world that spans the globe itself bringing people of all walks of life together in one place. Just be warned it is addicting, and to many, it is home.

Romani de Carpathia
Deity, Sanctus Irae
Nations Advisor