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Alter Aeon

Reviews Section
Primal Darkness by Ryan

I have been on Primal Darkness for about 6 months. In that time I have made several friends and enemies. I tried it out because of the description of limited Player killing and Multiclassing. There is no multiclassing and Player killing is not limited. At lvl 32 I was pk'ed by a lvl 90+. When I asked about it the response was "Get stronger". The immortals on that mud show heavy favortism to their friends. When asking about a spell the immortal replied "shuttup, if you don't like it, go else where". So I did. I now play on merentha where there is a very large player base. Pk is open but very heavy penalties. Multiclassing on Primal Darkness is getting to level 50, Remorting (which drops you to level 5) and losing half your stats. I am pretty sure Multiclassing meant you keep your old class. When I asked about that, I was poked fun of on the newbie line then later pk'ed by someone 3 times my level. This mud really turned me off mudding and with the unfriendly player base and rude immortals. I went elsewhere and took alot of my friends with me.