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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Dhalgorath

I'm a long time player of RoD, and would like to address some issues posted by someone who obviously didn't give RoD a fair shot...

First of all, he claims RoD doesn't do much for lower levels -- Well... RoD has a whole council dedicated to low level players -- The Newbie Council.  They are always ready and willing to help new players.

Lag:  RoD has the least amount of lag I have experienced.  The "lag" this person is talking about, is the movement lag which is based upon how much you are carrying, and the type of terrain you are moving over.
Any MUD that allows you to carry tons of junk over vast expanses of swamps and mountains in a couple seconds is obviously of poor design.

Corpses:  A half hour should be plenty of time to find your corpse.  If you are of low level, the newbie council as well as many of the players will be happy to help you find your corpse.

This person also mentioned "spammed reviews".  From what I can tell from looking over the reviews, there is one MUD with spammed reviews, and it's certainly not Realms of Despair.