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Reviews Section
New Moon by Rift

New Moon is a great LP Mud that has managed to hold my attention since '96.  Why?  Because of the people(both creators and players) and the environment they have created.

I'm a relatively casual gamer that likes variety, meaning I have many games that are only ever have finished. Some I play and never touch again.  

New moon is not that game.  I've always come back to playing New Moon time and again.  It is consistently interesting in that it provides diverse environments to explore.  Descriptions of rooms, abilities, and characters are very well written. The imagery tends to just jump from the screen into an great visual.

People are good about helping you and friendly most of the time.  This mud allows a player to build that character anyway they want.  If you want an evil trollish priest, that likes to sing for coins and brew beer....Go Nuts!  The creators have implemented the skills offered very well, making it very simple to steer your character in the direction you want.

Things in the MUD aren't perfect, bugs happen and the creators make changes to gameplay from time to time. But players are all informed of these changes as they happen and for the most part are told WHY these changes are necessary(spelling?). The game has changed dramatically since I began in 1996, but that is some of the fun of New moon.  It does change and grow.

So from a casual gamer's point of view, give it a shot and see if you like it.