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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Aldiel

Armageddon MUD is not just fun to play, it is educational.  I've learned more about grammar, spelling, detail selecting, role-playing and fiction writing in general from this mud then I have from all the fantasy books I've ever read, and I'm an English Major.  The system is -perfect-.  You can PK anyone, but you never know how strong that person is.  You only have one life, so if you screw up and underestimate that personís abilities, your character is gone for good.  To prevent you from spawning an endless wave of character with the sole intent to kill, and to keep the environment role-play friendly, you have to get your character reviewed by the Imms.  Lastly, to make the game worth playing, you are rewarded Karma points for good role-playing.  These Karma points allow you to come back as more powerful or unique characters.