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Reviews Section
Dawn by T'chala

Ever had one of those days where pretty much  everyone's a scumbag? Or when everyone smiles and nods and does whatever they're supposed to be doing until someone turns their backs? Or maybe one of those days where the scrapings from the bottom of the gene pool come together all under one roof.

If you answered yes, then chances are you've played on Dawn. Rules are not enforced in any way, childish rampant twits are pretty much revered, and as long as admins are invisible/unavailable, childishness will prevail. The game lacks depth, also, in any way, and has yet to prove itself.

Now dont get me wrong. There are a few good players. Maybe 2. Perhaps a few more, I dont know. Either way, the point is that number pales in the immense numbers of those who choose to have the brains of treesloths. Yeah, you heard me. Choose. People who probably could be intelligent and sensible, but we're all pretty sure they wont be anytime within the next decade.