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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Nick

Where to start eh? Suppose we'll start with the fundemental info. Leaving a MUD with a similar codebase to DotA had me yearning for something similar to what I had played. I found this MUD, expecting it to be a bog standard, stock code-base MUD like I wanted, like what I expected. What came as a surprise to me, is that although the MUD 'seems' to be a stock MUD, the more you play, the more you realise that DotA is infact, very unique.

Lets start with the class and race system. From rolling up, you get the bog standard race/profession selection. Each race has their own unique traits, be it ability to swim, granted flight etc. as well as each already proficient in a weapon. As far as professions go, we have the standard warrior/rogue/cleric/templar/necromancer/wizard/ranger/scribe selection, but where this excels is the 'career' system, by which you take your chosen profession to new levels.

An example of this, is say, a rogue can become an assassin, or one of the other many careers. Rangers may become bounty hunters, scouts, amazons etc.

Then on top of that, we have the religion system. Unlike other MUDs, the religion pays a huge part in this game, especially to those professions/careers that follow a faith (templar, cleric and monk) in that their chosen religion/deity directly affects the skills they recieve, and their effects. Cool eh?

And to top it off, each race can unlock their gene pool further, and become one of the few reincarnation races, such as Daemon, Nymph and so on.

An extensive newbie-training feature is in as well, involving schools, familiars that help and a huge array of help files, guides and maps. An over-head Ascii map in colour is a huge boon to navigation too. Legendary items, limited items, artifacts and the rest of the regular items are in the game by the absolute hundreds.

My only two qualms with this MUD are:

1. A little too much colour on item names. The color is good, but could do to be toned down some.
2. A somewhat small player base. And that is where YOU come in. Come join us on DotA.