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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by AoD_Returner

I have been around AoD for quite some time and I find that this game is great to play, the people are nice, the wizards are helpful and they keep good control of the immature portion of the player base.  The world is ever expanding and the old areas are constantly being reviewed to keep up with the times.  I love the changes they make and I hope they keep up the good work.  The game I feel has gotten an big uplift in spirit since some of the players who liked to "cause trouble" have either left or have been removed.  I took a long break from playing when some players started thinking they were gods in the game and could do anything they wanted, and when the wizards let them know they were out of line they screamed corruption or abuse of power.  When I heard that certain players were removed I decided to take a look back at the game and I found that it is actually quite enjoyable to play.  

As for wizards I trust their judgements and I continue to hope that they make things as balanced as possible and keep making the good decisions.

AoD for me has become a perfect escape from reality for me.  As they will say, "The first mil is the hardest, the rest become easier" Don't let yourself get discouraged and try to use common sense.