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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Silverwood

I have been playing AoD for several years now. Iím an old time mudder whoís been around for about as long as MUDS themselves. Iíve played many different MUDS and many different kinds of MUDS and I can truthfully say that this is one of the best games Iíve ever had the pleasure of logging in to. Since the days of Beta AoD has always been more of a family than a bunch of strangers running around mindlessly slaughtering monsters. I have made some incredible friends, some of which have become Ďreal lifeí friends as well. There have been some bumpy times, more than I care to think about in the past year or so, but it seems this has turned around and several old players have returned in recent weeks.

I feel that AoD has a little something for everyone. Character development on this MUD is unique in many ways and allows for a wide range of combinations, although most of us have our favorites. Things change all the time keeping us on our toes and allowing us to continue to be challenged instead of the rut many players get into on most MUDS where gear, monsters, areas, etc. stay the same year in and year out.

AoD has a very active staff, even if it is small. They are constantly adding new features, new areas, new quests, and making improvements to the game. In my experience, they have always been courteous, helpful, and considerate when treated in kind. But they seem to have little tolerance for demanding players and people who constantly try to stir the pot to get their way, which, personally, I think is a good thing. The rest of us rarely appreciate having to witness it. This is not one of those MUDS run by an invisible corporation, by a staff you never see or talk to. The wizzes here are volunteers who love the game and love what they do.

We have seen several new apprentice wizards join the staff recently, so I am hopeful this means nothing but good things for the future of AoD. If you are looking for a place to play that lets you hunt, quest, socialize, and make some fantastic new friends all at the same time, then you should definitely check out Ages of Despair.