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Alter Aeon

Reviews Section
DragonBall Evolution by Chris

Evolution: The Name says it all.

      Many MUDs come and go. Some are attempts at hobbies; some last for a few months before fading out and eventually closing and some are truly works of art, built strong and steady over time like an empire of epic proportions. It is these MUDs that we search for. The ones that are here to stay. The ones which provide hours upon hours of addicting entertainment through both role-play and the game itself. Look no further. Ozma has answered your prayers.

      Dragonball Evolution is not your ordinary everyday MUD. It has "evolved" over the course of two years and eight months, and the experience the game provides is one like no other. Dragonball Evolution offers seventeen playable races including, but not limited to, Nameks, Demons, Humans, Half-Breeds, Majins and Konatsus; just to name a few. Saiyans are also availible but are only offered to those loyal players who have rightfully earned them. Each race is a completely different experience and there is no one "supreme race." Every race is equal and balanced out with both pros and cons.

      Being a long-time player of DBE, I have seen the game progress extremely. What other MUD can you find coded carnival games such as a ring toss or a squirt gun race, or a multitude of various in-game quests scattered throughout the game universe? How about a completely unique mob/player battle system? Don't know of a place? Well, you're in luck. I happen to know of such a game that offers all this and more. Dragonball Evolution.

      This MUD is the most expansive I have seen from the Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT based theme MUDs and is the only one I will play. Other MUDs just don't compare. DBE has eight planets, and an afterlife including a Heaven and Hell, spanning a total of over ten-thousand rooms. New zones are being added all the time and on top of that, a new planet is in the developement stages. Each of the areas are very well written and laid out and include many different mobs and shops.

      Speaking of shops, Dragonball Evolution offers an almost endless amount of eq sets and eq pieces, ranging from unrestricted to minimum level ten-thousand restrict. Almost every race has their own top-end set, which also happen to be colored and written impressively. The possibilites are almost endless here at Dragonball Evolution. Our builders and immortals are always working feverishly to provide you with the best experience possible. The current immortal staff consists of ten individuals who pride themselves in this MUD and their work.

      Like what you hear so far? Here's the best part. What mud would be complete without role-play? If you thought what I've previously mentioned in this review was the whole cake, you forgot the icing. Dragonball Evolution revolves around roleplay. There are well thought out rules which provide a simulation experience of the Dragonball world. However, our role-play is not the show, just based off it. We have our own unique storyline formed by the players and clans. Roleplay is always encouraged and players are always helping out other players who are looking to "jump into the story", so to speak.

      What I have told you isn't even scratching the surface. That's right. There's so much more. This MUD is truly the best of the best; nothing even comes close. You can be whatever you want to be. Mold your character into greatness. Don your armor and wield your sword. Jump into the most realistic Dragonball Z MUD that anyone has to offer now, and ever. Our enormous player base and friendly immortal staff is like a family here, and you're always welcome. Port: 1874. Won't you join our family? We look forward to seeing you.