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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Talya

I've been playing Star Wars: Shattered Equinox for over a year now, and although it's true I've had a ridiculous amount of characters, this has been my decision. I am currently an Immortal at SE; a builder, to be exact.

I'll start with the good about SE. Our code is a heavily modified SWRiP, and it works well almost all the time. In my experience, the combat system, the flight system, the diplomacy/leadership skills, and the engineering skills are *excellent* (I've had characters that have experienced all these skills respectively). I can't speak for the Force system, as I've had no Forcer characters and , at any rate, the MUD Administrator is currently in the process of building a new Force code. On average, although our players can sometimes tend to be self-righteous and self-important (myself included), most of us are generally nice people when we aren't involved in turf wars. Also, there has been a mellowing of cliqueishness in the past period, demonstrative by the fact that I was able to RP with /2/ Jedi! We have a fairly active forum.

To dispel some of the things that were unjust in a few other reviews about the Immortal staff: Some of the time, the Imms are there, AFK, and monitoring the MUD through logs. They will /not/ respond when they are AFK, since AFK means A.way F.rom K.eyboard. They aren't ignoring you; they just aren't there. Also, the Immortals aren't generally inactive -- there is a lot of work that goes into running the MUD, and since many of the Imms are builders who are forbidden from going to players' aide unless expressly ordered to, there is a long queue for help. But when help is delivered, at least in my experiences, it is delivered in spades.

That said, there are some negative things about SWSE. The major problem I have with it is inconsitency. No, not with the story; it's with the rules. There is a broad base of rules, which each Immortal interprets differently. What's okay in one instance is forbidden in the next.

What's more, the head of the MUD, the MUD Administrator, is flighty. Apparently dedicated to the MUD when in residence, he rules with an iron (and mostly just) fist for a few weeks or months and then disappears. Since when he is around he is very controlling of the timeline and policy on the MUD, his disappearance throws the MUD through the loop. And when he reappears, he shakes things up similarly. It's difficult to maintain equilibrium with this kind of environment. It's a good thing, then, that we have a very dedicated and active group of 104's, a dedicated 105, and a very capable 104.5 to keep us on track.

Yes, the Immortals can be harsh. No, they don't put up with insubordination. But realistically, they shouldn't have to. They put up with a certain amount of chiding and complaining, but players take that as right to harass, decry, and slander the staff, and then wonder why they've been silenced/helled/frozen/etc. The Immortals don't demand unswerving loyalty to them or obedience to their person; they ask for players to conduct themselves in a fashion that is necessary for any social interaction, and to read and follow the rules. That's a condition of the authorization of your character, and thereby it is a breach of contract when YOU break the rules, and not when the Immortals punish you for it.

Also, some code is either outdated, or their helpfiles do not describe them adequately enough. Sometimes, helpfiles point you to other helpfiles which are nonexistant. But questions can be answered by the staff, or the players, or at the forum.

In all, Shattered Equinox is the best place I've found for Star Wars themed RP. The ills are FAR less than the good. A concerted effort has been made to be more accepting to Newbies into RP situations, as well as increasing the amount of neutral roleplaying areas for non-clanned persons. There are even corporations if you'd like to join a clan but not be involved in the government. SE really has a lot to offer and is constantly being improved. Currently, there is a massive campaign to improve Coruscant, where much RP takes place. There is much more taking place behind the scenes, waiting to be implemented...

If you want an RP instensive place to play, with an intelligent and well-thought-out plot, but with the ability to maneuver your own plots, come to SWSE. The information on the page is wrong. It's now... 6666 !!!

Final score 8.5/10