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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Trenidor

I would recommend this Game to anyone regardless of their tastes.

It's Cheap, fun, exciting, and will continue to be that way.

Armageddon is free to play, and there are no special purchases that allow you the advantage over other people. The size of your wallet isn't an issue here, as long as you have an internet connect, you can play this game.

We are the only MUD/MUSH/MU* that can boast real RP. The reason for this is dedicated staff and playerbase that are willing to enforce that realistic RolePlay is taken out. The whole Game is a Utopia for RPers because the entire playerbase will not break their role until they've logged off from the game. We respect the game, and want everyone who plays to do so as well.

Because the roleplay is forced a thin line the width of a sheet of paper, even further than that even, it's up to you-the-player to decide what goes on. As long as you follow the rules that pertain to staying in character at all times, anything can happen. The staff aren't corrupt; regardless of how much it may seam on the boards, once in-game, they follow the rules and are kind and considerate to all players.

-Long Lasting
This MUD and it's creators have withstanded time. Armageddon MUD is old and very experenced in what the playerbase wishes, if something is a problem it is fixed within a timely manner. Each saturday, durring the morning till dusk, scheduled mantainence, upgrading, and bettering occurs. This may seam like a downfall, but for any experenced player, this isn't a hinderance, but a benifit. Because of these down times, we can progress much easier than any other MUD, allowing new code and better system upgrades to flood into the system at reboot making happy players.

-Common Misconceptions

Being a player for at least three years, I can explain many misconceptions that visitors and new players make:

Since the game is free, the staff cannot quit their jobs and work full time at developing the game. This means they have to work on their spare time, and saturday is the day to do it. The game is highly addictive once you understand how to play, and sometimes it's best to have a day off anyway. Regardless, we all love our staff here and respect them for designating a whole day from their busy schedule to work on our mud.

-Aproval of Character Apps
Before you can start playing the game, a staff member must aprove your character. It only happens once, and takes at most 24 hours to get approved. Since characters aren't perminent, once your character dies, you'll have to make a new one. Because of the aproval process, trying to keep your character alive becomes more important. This also helps to set descriptions of characters straight, since there are so many new that are away from the norm of other MUDs, the aproval process is another way to reinforce the roleplay we as a playerbase so strongly value.

-Perma death
Death is a fact of life. If we didn't have perma death, how would you tell someone you died and were born again without breaking character? It's impossible. Perma death is just one more reason why we can boast the only true forced roleplay mud. Other muds may say they have it, but most do not have the means to make all it's players follow the rules. Of those that do, there seams to be a strong favortism with certain players, which aramgeddon doesn't have.

-Magick and other Cultural things
Magick is feared on this world, changing this fact would deal with the culture of the world. No one wants to change their culture that they worked so hard to build up. The more experenced players will tell you that they have roots here, you can't just up and leave them just to fit in more with other games.

-Restricted Ultimate-Training and L33t skills
Training obsessively for no reason other than to gain skill and exp, is called powergaming here. No one likes a powergamer because, while the people who focus on Roleplaying and obsorbing the rich culture here are doing just that, a powergamer will have all the skills and experence yet won't do anything all day but kill stuff. Powergaming hinders the rest of the playerbase because they do not take in the fact that the rest of the world wants to be real, and powergamers want to become the richest, most powerful, and strongest killer on the face of the earth. The game isn't about those things, it's about trying to live as though the world were real, most people will never be able to do it because of it's extreem toughness, but once you do, you find out that there is true value in playing for the sake of playing, not to beat the game. Because powergaming is an issue, the staff place restrictions on the people who do it, and warn them that they could be removed from the game forever if they continue to do such things.


Sure the game may seam too hard to visitors, it may seam weird that we enjoy playing just because it's endless and unpredictable, but once a person realizes the ultimate fun involved in obsorbing things and relaxing instead of rushing to beat the game, that person has built character in themself and developed a good personality.
I'm also going to go ahead and say it now, some people are jerks, Armageddon isn't exempt from them, and once In the game, it's deffinately not exempt. On the discussion board it may seam like we're worse than we are, once you play the game, you'll realize that some people play characters that are jerks. There are no rules against jerks, just try and realize that they're going to be there no matter what, so just have patience and deal with it as much as you can.