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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Larrath

Armageddon is a very special MUD.  Even at the hard-coded face level, in terms of spells and equipment and tough monsters to slay, Armageddon is easily one of the best MUDs out there.  The game is balanced beautifully; rangers truly are the masters of the wilderness, able to find their way through places where others would end up walking in circles.  Each guild has its niche.

The world is so massive that even the oldest players (some of which have been playing for a decade) have not seen all of it.
With single, permanent death that is completely without ressurection points whatsoever (with the sole exception of dying due to bugs), Armageddon's combat and exploration are more exciting than anywhere else.

Though not a monster MUD with thousands of players on at any given moment, Armageddon's playerbase is both generously sized and generously gifted; regular playing hours usually see around 35 players on while primetime can boast as much as 65 to 75, and sometimes even more.

To all this, add an intense, gritty and immersive IC world that is well-planned and richly documented, and you may get a vague image of what Arm is like.  In terms of roleplay, there is absolutely nowhere half as good as Armageddon.
Armageddon is quite probably the only MUD where roleplay and realism are so forceful that it is, in fact, to commit terrible crimes and actually get away with it.  None of that goody-goody illogical players who always figure out the crime because your PC was the only one close to the scene of the crime.
Also, Armageddon has the best magick system ever.  Ever.

Armageddon is admittedly hard to get started, but in order to make the transition and the learning curve easier for our new players, player helpers are available right here: