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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Word Up.

The glare of the sun was opressive as the man bent down to break apart yet another piece of dry, crusty earth. The salty chunk of dirt came apart easily in his powerful hands, but there was nothing in it but grit and a few loose grains of worthless salt.

Damn, he thought. Six days away from the City, and only a few handfuls of good, valuable salt to show for his trouble. Barely enough to cover the cost of water for another outing, and not enough to buy a meal.

Damn and damn again. Muttering to himself, he leaned down to crumble another chunk of baked earth in his fists. As his head dipped, he heard a -whiff- sound.

For a moment, he stood, staring stupidly at the slender arrow that sprouted from his thigh, just above the knee. A smooth, wooden shaft had pierced his sandcloth leggings and gone through his thigh and out the other side. It looked gruesome, he thought, his mind slightly detached from the scene. Funny enough, it didn't hurt much.

But then he raised his eyes from the arrow, and he knew fear, for there, rising from behind a slight rise in the flats, were two shapes. Slightly hunched, the attackers moves swiftly across the expanse between them, one notching another arrow, the other hefting a long, bone headed spear.

Still staring in dumb disbelief, the man's hand twitched toward the axe at his hip. His fingers had barely brushed the rough wooden haft when another arrow -thunked- into his hip. Crying out, the man scrabbled at the axe and pulled at it slightly when another impact jarred him.

The spear hitting his chest felt like a hammer-blow, and it drove all thought of resistance from his head. His eyes swam wildly for a few moments before realizing he was on his back, with a dwarf's length of spear jutting from his chest.

The soft, hissing language of the Gith touched his ears, along with their soft, mocking laughter. Then, there was only darkness...

And that is why I love Armageddon.

The virtues of this mud are endless, but it's greatest strength is by far the players, staff, and the cohesion between them that allows for such stellar roleplaying and storytelling. I don't have the time or the words to express how much I love and enjoy this game...

But, as with every mud, there are a number of features I dislike. Namely the sandstorm code, which is utter nonsense in my opinion. Thieves stealing with no -visible- roleplay are another bad aspect of Armageddon, but that might be an In Character complaint, because I hate loosing my hard-earned loot. :)

All in all, Armageddon is the finest roleplaying experience I have ever had the pleasure to partake in. The above little story is from a character I once had, whom I loved very much. One moment he was living his life, the next he was gone and I was staring at a mantis head. And know what? I loved every second of it, and couldn't wait to do it again.

Play Armageddon, or suffer the agony of mediocre muds* and laughable attempts at roleplaying. :)


*Disclaimer: Your mud could be super and fantastic. I don't care. In comparison to Armageddon, it is weak and boring. A ragged house show flier to Armageddon's marquis lights.

Remember, harmony sucks. Play Armageddon.