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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by previous reviewer

I am not at all suprised at the people who rushed to defend RoD.  I never said it was a bad MUD, just that there were a few problems that I had issues with.  A reveiwer insinuated that I might be of a competing MUD, and that we had been spamming the reviews/votes.  I can assure you that I am not.

There may be a newbie council, however I noted that my questions went unanswered.  Moreover, when I died as a level 2 character, I attempted for 10 minutes (in a very polite manner) to get someone to help me.  I could not do so.  Maybe people were busy, maybe there were other reasons.  I am merely noting my experience so that others can take what they like from it. Or not.

Lag.  The lag I endured was not from a lagroom or because I was in a swamp with tons of equipment.  If you paid attention you would have noticed that I died as a level 2 and was unable to retrieve my corpse.  That meant that I had no eq.  Moreover, most of my time was spent in Darkhaven Academy; so I think I am quite right when I assert that my experience was not due to any OLC concerns.

Rod is a very popular MUD.  Any MUD that can retain that many players is obviously doing something right.  But, to suggest that RoD is above reproach and that anyone who criticizes it didn't give it a fair shot smacks of elitism.  Please allow me my humble disagreement.  I certainly do feel that there are better MUDs out there.